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Inther Conveyor Equipment


The modular platform of Inther Conveyor Equipment (ICE) is unique due to the short installation and commissioning time. All components (both mechanical and electrical) come pre-installed in our modules, including cabling and the correct E-plan codes.

The smart and flexible modules are available in various widths and are suitable for transporting all common goods in intralogistics.

  • Fully modular

  • Cabling integrated in module

  • Fast installation time

CPS01 Carton Pull Sorter

CT01 Roller Conveyor Alignment 24V

CT01 Roller Conveyor Curve 24V

CT01 Roller Conveyor Merge 24V

CT01 Roller Conveyor Straight 24V

CT01 Roller Conveyor Straight Accumulating 24V

CT01 Roller Conveyor Straight General 400V

CT01 Roller Conveyor Straight Non Driven

CT02 Belt Conveyor Decline 400V

CT02 Belt Conveyor Incline 400V

KP01 Pop-up Module 24V

KP02 Transfer Module 24V

KP04 Liftup Gate